Michigan State University

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Susan L. Taylor, who served as the editor in chief of Essence magazine for 20+ years, once said

"Whatever we believe about ourselves and our ability comes true for us.”

What does this quote mean to you?

Most young people don't realize their beliefs early on determine the rest of their life; what you

believe today has a direct impact on who and what you become in the future. Beginning at a

young age, I was taught to believe in myself, strive for greatness and reach for whatever my

stars might be.

Although neither of my parents had an opportunity to complete their college degree, I was

lucky enough to be raised in an environment that emphasized the importance of education,

encouraged self-reliance, and above all, promoted the tenacity needed to be successful in life.

Since the age of 6, and death of my grandmother, I've dreamed of becoming a doctor. I was

incredibly lucky to have nurturing and empowering relationship with my grandmother. It is her

final year of life that sparked my interest in becoming a doctor. Her aliments, congestive heart

failure and interstitial lung disease, caused her health to rapidly decline and I spent a lot of time

in the hospital with her.

Upon her death, I told my mother "I wanted to be a doctor and help people feel the way the

doctors made grandma feel." It has been 11 years since her passing and not once has my desire

wavered. During high school, I endeavored to make the most of every opportunity available to

further my dream. I've participated in The Cass Tech Medical Career Club (President), the

Michigan State OsteoChamps Program, the DMC Project Genesis Summer Youth Employment

Program, Doctors of Tomorrow, and volunteering at William Beaumont Hospital in the Family

Birthing Center

No matter how challenging the obstacles may be that veer in my path, my determination, belief

in myself, and drive to excel in all endeavors are what keeps be striving toward my dream. I

understand that every choice we make has a consequence and it's up to us to choose how the

outcome will play out.

With the continued support of my powerful support network, which reaffirms my hopes and

dreams, and belief that success is the only possible option; I know I'll one day achieve my goal

of becoming an OBGYN with a specialization in Perinatology. It is my objective and passion to

serve as a physician, researcher, and public health advocate who will make a lasting impact on

the lives of many women.